Launched in 2016 and based out of Vancouver, B.C., Envious Lash was brought up by a young entrepreneur woman who wanted to take the beauty business to the next level.

Sonika, a Certified Lash Artist, wanted to help women feel more confident about their beauty, either it was with or without makeup. After buying all kinds of Mascara’s from no-names to designer brands, and spending lots of money on fake eyelashes, Sonika realized that a lot of women don't have the time to apply false lashes everyday or have the patience to apply 5 coats of mascara every single morning.

Actually, women barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler! That's when she realized, Lash Extensions were the answer to natural beauty. Lash Extensions are becoming increasingly popular since they're a great way to enhance your features and brighten up your eyes without the help of Makeup or Mascara.

You'll be surprised at how big of a difference Lash Extensions can make when you wake up first thing in the morning! Lash Extensions are the practice of applying extensions to each individual natural lash, which can be done to increase the thickness, fullness, and length of the natural eyelash.



Purchase our products at your appointment or by email enviouslash@hotmail.com


Black Diamond Coating Sealant $20.00

Coats the lashes to help shield against elements that break down the adhesive glue. It’s a black tinted sealer that you can apply on your lashes every 3-4 days which will help reduce the fallout of your lashes more gradually.


  • I've worked in the aesthetics industry for a number of years now and didn't know how I felt about lash extensions. I was always skeptical about them thinking I would either be addicted to them or ruin my lashes. I'm being completely genuine when I say that Envious Lash changed my entire perspective! Envious Lash addressed my concerns and educated me on lash extensions and how if they are done properly, will preserve your healthy lashes while making your life so much easier.What's seriously not to love? I would way rather do my own mani/pedis and pamper myself with lashes! For real! It makes you look good and feel good! Envious Lash gives you a customized approach, lash goals met beyond expectations and they are amazing. Loving mine-already had a fill, one of my worries happened- I'm addicted but in a really good way.
    Stephanie Hewitt
  • Thank you, Sonika, for such a wonderful experience from start to finish! I felt very comfortable right away and was even drifting off to sleep! You were extremely patient and professional and answered any and all questions along the way. I've been getting a lot of compliments since (even at the Dr's office!) and I check my lashes out every time I walk by a mirror! They look awesome. Thanks again.
    Harvir Badh
  • I have been getting lash extensions for years, and have always liked them, but once Sonika did them I was truly happy. I had so many people comment on how great my lashes looked, and I agreed! She is so lovely and accomodating, coming to my house, as I have a young child and cannot leave much. She is so professional and lovely. I recommend her to everyone I know.
    Stephanie Ali
  • Sonika made my first experience with getting lash extensions really easy and comfortable. I've always wanted to get them done but have been skeptical to do so. She was able to explain the process to me and what was going to be done as well as the products that she would be using on me which was a big selling point for me because I have always been very cautious of my eyes. I didn't have a lot of lashes to work with but she was able to give them volume and length. Sonika also made sure that it was exactly what I wanted and worked with me throughout the process making sure that I was fully satisfied. I would definitely recommend her to anyone out there looking to get lash extensions, she did a phenomenal job!
    Raman Lail
  • I had the pleasure of having Sonika do my eyelash extensions and I couldn't be happier with them! She was so receptive to hearing exactly what I wanted and was checking in along the way to make sure that she was able to create the exact look I wanted. Sonika's knowledge around eyelash extensions and their care, combined with her attention to detail and her kind hearted personality are the reasons why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering getting extensions - plus her mobile service is super convenient!
    Ravin Aulak
  • I have never had Eyelash Extensions done before, but I'm glad I did, it has really changed how quickly I can get ready in the morning and how I look on a daily basis. Even with no makeup on I still feel and look great. Sonika did an amazing job at making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process and she did a fantastic job at applying the extensions, I will definitely come back for my fill.
    Neha Gaba
  • I was unsure to get my lashes done at first, but when I got them done I was in love! They're so nice and I've received so many compliments on them. Sonika was very accommodating and friendly. She did such an amazing job on my lashes. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. She's fun to chat with and does amazing work. I can't wait to see Sonika again and get them done.
    Navjot Toor
  • Hey Sonika! I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my eyelashes, they looked absolutely amazing! I got so many great compliments on them. Your service was wonderful! Very comfortable and welcoming environment. I would 100% recommend your services to anyone. Once again, thank you!
    Kanika Vasdev
  • I wanted to message and say how much I love my Eyelash Extensions! I had the pleasure of being Lashed and I'm so happy I tried it. Being able to ditch the mascara is a huge draw for me, and the fact that they look so natural is a plus! I'm even wearing less make-up, absolutely in love!
    Reecha Taneja
  • Thank you for making me look so gorgeous without wearing any makeup! Sonika, thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted! You did exactly what I envisioned my lashes to be, very natural but bold. You're so talented at what you do, and I wish you the best in the future!
    Kiran Johal
  • “Thanks Sonika for doing my lashes the way I wanted them to be! You really listened to my needs and wants. You did exactly what I was aiming for, very simple with a bit of volume!”
    Mandy Johal
  • “Hey Sonika, thanks so much for the amazing job you did on my lashes & how patient you were being with me and opening my eyes every second haha! Overall, I've been getting so many compliments on my lashes and can't wait to get my fill :) ”
    Neha Taneja
  • “Hey Sonika, Just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job on my lashes! I am so obsessed with them and get endless compliments on them! I can't wait for my fill”
    Kamal Manhas

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